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seeking new reefer with naked tank.

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i am in the process of thinning out some of my more overgrown corals in my tank. i am interested in finding someone who is new to reef keeping that has a baren tank that might be interested in some nearly free corals.

the things i have to offer are some of the less flashy items. i have some regular green zoos, some large common colored mushrooms, a little bit of extra xenia, and some cuttings of some other soft corals. i am not going to take the time right now to try to set up trades for all of this stuff, as a lot of folks who are more active traders already have a lot of this stuff floating around in their tanks.

this is what the candidate will need to do in order to take advantage of this situation:

fisrt, these corals are all lower to medium light varieties. you should have over your tank at least pc's or vho lighting. halides are not necessary for anything i have (as i do not have them myself).

second: the candidate will need to supply their own styrofoam ice chest and zip-lock baggies.

third: the person will need to contact me to set up a day that they can come over to assist in the fragging and removal of these items. i do not own a car, so it will be unfeasable for me to bring the stuff to you. it will be up to you to get in contact with me so that i can relay when my free time will be. you will then need to make arrangements to get together the above listed items and get them to my house to collect the stuff. plan on a good hour or two to do the fragging, so you will need to have some free time on the determined day.

finally: if you are over 21, you shall supply a 6 pack of beer for us to drink while we frag. if you are under 21, you will bring a 6 pack of "fancy" rootbeer like widmers or thomas kemper etc. we can work out the drinking details later.

i know that there are a lot of folks with room in their tanks, but i would really like to get someone who has literally nothing started on growing their own corals. if i can not find someone, then i suppose anyone with spare room can take me up on this, but newbies first please. for those of you with very established tanks and coral collections, this stuff really probably will not interest you anyway.

for anyone curious as to why i am doing this, i have come to the point in my 29 gallon tank where i have all of the green and brown and purple i can take, and i would really like to make some room for some more colorful things.

feel free to email me at [email protected] do not send me a pm at first, because i will do this first come first served, so it will go based on which email is in my box soonest.

thank you, and hopefully i can help someone out here who is either new to the area or new to the hobby altogether. as a reefer or a penny budget i know how much fun free stuff can be, and i would like to take this opportunity to share that feeling with someone else.

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Yo Ryan,
Is that OK if I come by and do some shopping in your tank. Couple of zoo and shrooms in your tank I don't have? I'll bring 6 pack :D :D :D
i had one reply from a fellow who had to break up his tank, and is now trying to make a nano. i am going to give him first shot, and once he is done shopping, you are more than welcome to come by if there are no other takers in need binny. i will let ya know in a couple days.
ok i got two guys lined up to come and take a gander and see if there is anyrhing they want. if there is anything left afterwards you are free to what is left biny.

i will let you know.

I still would like to take you up on your earlier offer. I could not make it that weekend but could do it this weekend. I have beer too :) I would not really want anything free. I would trade you a future trade or we might pick something out to buy that we both want I would buy it and then we would frag it when appropriate. I do have few things I could trade now. I started out with these things and upgraded already. For example:
I have a JEBO 480 Protein Skimmer (hang on) with pump. I replaced the JEBO with a new Euro Reef CS 6-3 in sump skimmer. Now I need to upgrade my sump as it is far too small. I plan to add a additional sump onto the old one.
I also have a Coral Life 175 watt MH Pendant with programmable electronic Ballast with 10000k bulb. (I bought it used on ebay)
I have just bought two new MH fixtures and two new VHO 5 foot tubes. I built a two new reflectors for the VHO's today. I should have the light fixtures working on my tank tomorrow.


It's time to upgrade to a bigger tank and maybe some lights. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

If you want 6500k Iwaski's I have an extra ballast I could sell you but it's foir the Iwaski's only (MV) you could keep your present light and change out for actinic for supplematnon. Just a thought.

i have just set up my tank like a month ago and am desperitly looking fpr coral my brother who lives in the same apartment is doing the same thing justs et up his tank as well and looking for coral i am only 18 but he is 22 so we could hook up the beer thing...are you selling the coral or just looking for someone to take it??????
You realize This thread is Nearly 2yrs old... I dont know if Ryan has any of this even still available...

The site should have a warning if you try to reply to a very old thread. This seems to happen a lot.

It's funny though, cuz Krux is always thinning out his tank. Maybe now that he has a car to take up his money he'll have less problems getting too many corals.
Whats more puzzling is what the search was that caused a thread this old to come back up. Who was doing the search for "Naked"?
Someone named Mike in Rochester, apparently. He is 18, and we all know the favorite activity of lonely 18 year-olds with internet access. Or any guy, for that matter.
naked and leather were key searches in that thread. gonna lock this down to keep this from popping up again.

sorry mike, but i actually no longer keep mushrooms, leathers, xenia, or zoos in my display, as james hinted, they were sucessfully unloaded a couple years back.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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