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....and how is Drew? What's going on with him these days? I was just thinking of him tonight.
Drew is doing very well.....
honery as ever....12 going on 18 I think.....
His JRA was in submission, but he started having problems again so the Dr put him back on his steroids to control it....he's going to a basketball camp this week, so he's all hyped up about that....he hasn't been spending a lot of time on the tank recently unless I say "hey Drew, look at this!!!"

Hey Bob! Great to see you back! Haven't seen you in ages! I would love to hear from Drew sometime. Wow! 7th grade coming up! Tell Gail hello for me! Your tank looks great! Ours is doing really well. The algae never came back (where's the wood to knock...quick!)

~ Shirley :D
Hey Bob glad to hear you and Drew are doing fine! Darn kids grow up so fast! Glad to see the tank is doing fine and looking really great!:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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