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Tank Info
29 Gallon Standard Aquarium (30"x12"x18")
250w MH (Suspended Above Tank)
DIY Overflow
DIY 10 Gallon Refugium/Sump
Hydor Koralia Evolution 550
Hydor Koralia Nano 425

Planned Stock
Ocellaris Clownfish
Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish
Midas Blenny
Orange Lined Cardinalfish (Possibly 2?)

Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp
Maxima Clam
Hermit Crabs

*This tank is going to be a mixed soft and lps reef.

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*Excuse the bad picture quality. Once I find my sd card, I will take good pictures with my camera.
*I'm over a month into this build.

Ocellaris Clownfish
Water anemone fish Natural environment Underwater Organism

Green Star Polyps (of course the crabs are on it)
Water Marine invertebrates Natural environment Organism Underwater

Vertebrate Water Natural environment Fluid Organism

FTS (Yes, I have one of my powerheads on the back glass. I Plan to get another Hydor Koralia Evolution 550 for the other side)
Water Fish supply Pet supply Fluid Marine biology
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