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Seaclone 100 for a 72 gallon tank??

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I was looking at one of these it seems like they are ok and they are pretty cheap, any with good or bad stories?
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I guess I'm the lone voice in saying that I use a sc150 on my 55 and it's worked great so far. (knock on wooden object)
It's definitely not a Euro-Reef, but my water is pretty clean and nitrates stay below 10.
I have a newer model Seaclone though so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. From what I understand the initial production was junk, but they've done some redesigning to alleviate these problems.
I also don't use the sc150 as a HOT skimmer, it's submerged in the sump up to the height of the inside riser tube.
I'm also using it on a tank that's 1/3 of it's rating (which is rated a 'little' high IMO).
I run the venturi wide open so that it gets maximum air volume (I have a bubble trap in my sump so I don't have to worry about microbubblles) and I get some pretty gross skimmate.
It's not like molasses, but it's not clear.
In fact, I think I have a picture.
I will readily admit that there are much better skimmers available, but I've had a decent experience with mine.
The picture is about 2 days after a cleaning on a 55g with a low bioload.


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The bubble trap is just a series of baffles in the sump that alternate... if you check out my tank specs page the second or third picture is of the sump, and it shows the bubble trap.
Basically, it just draws water off the bottom of the sump and keeps the air bubbles rising. I also usually run either some filter floss or a mesh bag filled with carbon to help block even more of the bubbles and to filter out detritus (which you can see in the photo).
Oops... just realized that the thermometer is blocking the trap in my tank specs pic.
Here's a pic of what it looks like.
The bottoms of the first and third baffles are about 3/4" off the bottom of the tank, and the middle baffle goes all the way to the bottom.


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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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