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sea urchins

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i was wondering if anybody ha any comments on adding a sea urcin to a tank. my overall plan is to have a mini reef with mostly mushroom , xenia , and polyps. what do you think?
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I have a shadow vessel (urchin) in my tank and he cruises around with little to no muss or fuss. I have the spiny type and not the tuxedo. Generally I believe them to be quite helpful to a reef provided you DO NOT TRY TO PET THEM! :funny:
How mini is a mini reef? some can get very large.
i got an urchin as a hitch hiker. found out later that it was a rock burrowing urchin. i was always amazed by the "grip" it had, and was never able to get it out until recently. i plan on taking it back to the lfs where i got the rock, and seeing if i can get store credit for it :funny:
I want a Blue Tuxedo like Brooke has :)
I have a pencil urchin and he has eaten through colonies of xenia as well as leaving large white stripes on my live rock, eating coralline alga. Ended up moving him to the death tank.

I think I would stay away from urchins in a small tank. They need a lot of grazing room.
This was Doug :D about three years ago. He's now softball sized.
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Spanky - what size tank does Doug live in? He's beautiful (Geoff, take notes)...
urchins are also a little clumbsy. they can be bulldozers. i would not recommend them to anybody who has small frags they are trying to get encrusted onto the LR. the really pointy ones can tear up some LPS.

newfiemom-you can have anything you want in your tank.

my .02,

Newfiemom said:
Spanky - what size tank does Doug live in? He's beautiful (Geoff, take notes)...
Doug lives in a 450.
Here's a more recent picture

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