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sea salt

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hi, i've been told most of the commercial sea salts are equivalent. However, I'm not so sure. I've been using Kent sea salt without any problems but I mistakenly received a Reef Crystals bucket in a recent shipment and I tried it. I found it takes days and days to go into solution even with powerheads and heaters (the same set up as I was using with Kent salt). In fact, I can't really get the Reef Crystals into solution even at a lower specific gravity.

Any comments or similar experiences?

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I swithced from "cheap" brand, can't remember what it was, to Instant Ocean. It is completely dissolved within a day (however, I still prepare it 4 or 5 days before use. I don't believe they are all the same. They all have salt, but there's lots of other critical trace elements in the mix that may or may not be there on some brands. For the sake of stability in the tank, I'd send it back and go back to what works.
Reef Crystals is actually the 'more expensive' - 'fancy stuff addedd' Instant Ocean. But if you do a search on this site for salt you'll see that more than a few of the members on this site say 'save your $$$' and use Instant Ocean - IO is the choice of many!
alnjba thier have been lots of reefers complaining about the same thing. also many have experenced bleaching when changing from IO to reef Crystals
thanks for the comments!
IO for me, have yet to find a reason to change.

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