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ok i have had a sea hare for about a month now. these things are cool, yet ugly. i believe mine is a Dolabella auricularia. man can it eat hair algae! it is about done, not much left at all. so what does it eat next. sargassum! it is pretty neat watching it eat a sargassum stalk. a lot like slurping spagetti only slower.

great critters. they do not mess with the corals at all. for their size they are not clumsy, not like turbo snails or urchins. i have small frags that it has not knocked over. they need a large tank to keep them fed though. at least for the monster i have, nearly 8 inches long.

ok, ok, the pic police are going to get me on this one. i thought i had my photos of it at work, but alas i do not. i will get them when i get home. i am sure Cromagnum will post a pic of his if we ask nice. :D

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