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I just set up a closed loop using a 3/4 in SCWD on a Magdrive 12. Intake and all plumbing is 1" except going into and out of the SCWD. It is making a very loud vibrating, rattling sound about every 5 seconds or so... I am wondering if this is normal for these things or if there is something wrong with the one I have. I got it used with my tank so no ideal as to age use or abuse on it. Just wondering from anyone out there that has one if they have the same issue. If I have to get a new one I'll get the new 1" one, but if it's gunna shake rattle and roll like the one I got, then I'm gunna figure out something else for the closed loop.. thanks.


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SCWD's really sap the flow out of a pump. i would just remove it and just run the Mag 12 straight without any switching device. you will probably double the flow in the tank, those SCWD, sap that much flow.

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