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I have had a scrawled cowfish (a tiny one about an inch and a half) for about two months now in a 2-year old 65 gallon peaceful tank. The other morning he was having trouble swimming, kept pointing toward the bottom of the tank and when swimming, he was shaking. It seems he is having trouble keeping upright and swimming level and where he wants. I immediately checked tank parameters and did a 5 gallon water change (I usually do this weekly, this was the second time). He seemed to do better yesterday, completely normal. Today again he is having the same problems. All of his tank mates are fine/normal, he still eats readily, just has a harder time getting to the food.


Nitrate: 0ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
pH: 8.1
sal: 1.023

Tank mates:

Yellow-headed jawfish
tailspot blenny

I am planning another water change and checking parameters again later this afternoon. His diet consists of frozen brine, frozen mysis, and occasionally live brine. Could the mysis shrimp he's eating be a little big and giving digestive problems? Or does in seem more like a swim bladder issue? I don't really know what the options are for either. Thanks!
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