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elgordoinavw said:
hello again, i currently have 2 maxijet mp900's when they are on they kick up the sand and make the water cloudy, now i know all i would probably have to do is just point the p\h in a different direction but what i'm wanting to know is how long til the sand stay's? even when a chromis swims close it will kick it up.
also i have the p/h on the same timer as the pc lighting should i have them run all the time? i was trying to create a day and night -sort of
another thing i also have my protien skimmer on with the lights, bad idea?
I assume you mean the skimmer only runs when the lights are on? Actually if I were to only run part time I would run it at night , that way you maintain some CO2 outgassing and better o2 saturation. Keep in mind that at night algae if any will give off CO2, as well as respiration from fish and inverts. This is reason for nocturnal pH drop. Running the skimmer at night will help drive off excess CO2 and help raise O2 levels in water, esp important if you are reducing powerhead flow to simulate calmer night scenario
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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