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Hello PMAC,

Oceanic and Kent Salt 200G buckets- spend $50 on livestock get salt bucket for $40, regular sale price $50.

We are now carrying Ocean Nutrition pellets, flakes, and their new RapidDeliveryFormula frozen foods (they slowly release food "bites" as they thaw in the aquarium... pretty cool deal ask Tony or Allison about it).

Price drops on AquaVitro and New Life Spectrum premium additives and foods.

Full line of Brightwell Aquatics in stock including their new probiotic line- "NEOZEO"

ORA tank raised fish and corals in stock and glowing :) , don't forget to check out our new ORA Seahorse Solana!

As always PMAC card carrying members receive 10% discount on all regularly priced in stock items.

thanks for checking in,
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