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Salt mixing

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I see some people keep salt mixed up all the time and do not just make it before they do a water change. This brings up a question for me.

Can you age your new salt mix too long before using it?

Thank you,
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this i did not know..

i mix my saltwater exactly 3.2 seconds before adding it to the tank :eek:

i pour salt and water into bucket, and stir, then dump in sump.

guess i better change my plan.
on that note jeff, what's a safe time frame for ro/di water sitting in jugs?

i buy my ro/di at the grocery store from a dispenser. i go through about 1/2 gallon a day for top off, but when igo, i will usually fill 10gallons, then they sit in the room, until they are needed (1/2 gal a day) so the last jug may sit for over two weeks in a jug with a lid, until it gets used. would this be bad?

and the way i have been doign the sw mix, again the water may sit for a week or two, then i dump them into a 5g bucket, mix in salt, and pour in sump. i've already gathered this is bad. but am i making it even worse by using two week old water?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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