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Salt mixing

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I see some people keep salt mixed up all the time and do not just make it before they do a water change. This brings up a question for me.

Can you age your new salt mix too long before using it?

Thank you,
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thefatman said:
this i did not know..

i mix my saltwater exactly 3.2 seconds before adding it to the tank :eek:

i pour salt and water into bucket, and stir, then dump in sump.

guess i better change my plan.
Yup Jay,as a fellow reefer that started out mixing 5 gallons at time innna bucket in the bathtub,,,,,:rolleyes:
(see i can learn something)
that was 15-20 yrs ago,,,now it's 55g rubbermaids w/ PH 's and heater,,,,
IMO made up SW has a longer shelf life than just RO /DI sitting the bucket.
as my water is filling, i throw some salt in there just so it's not "Freshwater"
RO/DI CAN go "stale" i'm told,,,,
like Tom said,,,ya gotta let the mix,,,,mix.
i go with the 24 hr theory (or a lil longer) now BTW.
thefatman said:
on that note jeff, what's a safe time frame for ro/di water sitting in jugs?
Jay, i was told a while back , that RO/DI water will go "bad" in time ,if not refrigerated,,,chlorine/chloramines are out now etc.
did make me wonder on that theory,,,cuz i have well water with none of that in there to begin with
i do have a supply of RO and DI water made up and most times , a two/three day supply,,
drinking /dog/bird ,FO tank RO
DI reef tank top off.
IMO ,if sealed , ro/di oughta be ok for use for a week ,
anyone else?
Jay , also, it might sound like overkill, but do some detective work at where you get you water at,,,,the water is only as good as the condition on the filter,,,find out when it was changed,,,,
a TDS meter might be a good idea to use on that water if you want to go that far,,,,
IMO, i would tend to think that the store water might be a tad less in quality than the true hobbyist RO system,,,
just me,,,,
i can tell you a story about a water company many years ago the went up for sale,,,
the new owners checked out the well the water "came from",,,it was CAPPED off!(cobwebs and all!)
a LOT of water hose type filling devices in the bottling plant,,,,
"oh, that's to rinse out/off the bottles"
bottom line, this company had won "best tasting water" in the Chicago region for years,,,
only to run tap water thru a carbon filter,,,then sell it!

Casey said:
I would not store for more than about 3 days to much evaporation and micro slime growing on walls etc I have tried it .
Casey, sounds like high heat , and not sealed /covered,,,as to your conditions.
my stuff is in my basement,,,the top-off is in gallon milk jugs(2-3 day+ supply)
never a problem with anything long after these timelines
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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