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Salifert expiration date (?)

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I have a Salifert Magnesium test kit that I bought online a little over a year ago. All the media used in the test is down to about 20% left.

I went a long time without using it (6mos)..... But had all the content/media in a large Ziploc bag. I threw away the box shortly after buying the kit.

Is there an "expiration date" on the box?????

Because I began testing for Mag again two weeks ago and it tested Mag at 900. I started dosing Mag every other day and then tested Mag every third day.....the test results always keep coming back at around 900. So I'm pretty confident my Salifert Mag kit has expired giving me skewed results.

Since I threw away the box, I have no idea when or if the kit expired. All I got to go on is the batch numbers on some of the media bottle.

Anyone have any insight?
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If you have used that much order a new one and chuck it. You could also check your results with someones elses mag test and compare if they are the same you should be good if not chuck it
yeah, salifert does print an expiration date on their boxes. I just got some new ones and the date is sometime in 2014, so im guessing the usable time frame is about a year.
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