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well, i finally got up the courage to dose my tank last weekend with saliferts flatworm eXit...

heres my setup...

125 gal tank ...180 #s of LR...5" DSB...three 250w 10K MHs...aqua-c ev180 skimmer

My tank is all softies (shrooms, polyps, leathers, xenia) and a large magnifica anemone with a A. Ocellaris clown. My other fish are a purple tang, leopard wrasse, citron goby, and spotted mandarin.

I have had FWs for about a year. No idea how they were introduced, but they had slowly started to spread like wildfire. I tried limiting feeding and cut down on adding phyto-plankton all together. I also added the leopard wrasse and spotted mandarin in the hope that they would eat them, but they never did.

heres the timeline of what i did...

i siphoned out as many FWs as i could (not many)
1:21pm dosed almost the whole bottle (bottle does 300 gallons)
1:28 flatworm death...start carbon in Hot Magnum
1:35 tank water looks noticably yellow/orange and really stinks...using a net to skim out dead FW bodies...i put sponges in the overflows to help catch debris
1:43 turned skimmer back on
2:39 anemone looks bad, kinda turned inside out
2:45pm 12 gal water change (siphoned out water looks like apple juice!)
7:00pm living room stinks like hell...
8:45 took out sponges from overflows..they seem reddish color
8:50 12 gal water change (water looks pretty good comin out)...cleaned out skimmer, alot of orange/red skimmate...really stinks
9:15pm changed carbon in hot magnum

next morning...

8:00am purple tang is dead, serpant star looks like hell...skimmer cup really overflowing with bright red skimmate....alot of dead bristle worms (didnt really know i had so many)...a few dead snails too
9:45 12 gal water change
12:00pm everything is very closed up...xenia looks horrible...anemone is completely closed up
11:00pm changed carbon again...cleaned skimmer cup...


its taken all week but everything is getting back to "normal"...i seem to have lost a couple shrooms, but all the other corals are looking much better...

like alot of people who have used this product have said, i dont think its the salifert eXit that causes harm but the dead FW bodies...i had what i would consider a pretty bad case and i've seemed to come thru it...i havent seen one FW all week...knock on wood...

my purple tang was my favorite fish so it really sucks to lose him...the mandarin, clown and goby didnt seem fazed at all by the treatment...the leopard wrasse went into hiding for a few days but is back to eating big concern was my anemone and it even is pretty much back to "normal"...

im not sure what the long term effects (if any) there will be...but for now, at least for me, the flatworm exit has lived up to its name...


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i had mine since about christmas i think...:rolleyes:

as soon as the stuff popped up on the boards it got me interested, and i waited to see what people thought of it...from what i read if you run carbon and do water changes and use a double dose you can get rid of them in one shot...

finally i had just had enough, and i wanted to control the destiny of my tank and the life or death of the FWs...i know ive heard that they can crash a tank...



i am thinking about taking a 35 gal bucket and putting it to the side then dipping my rocks and blowing all the dead ones off with a power head, then taking a 50 gal rubbermaid and letting them sit in there for a few hrs then putting back, alot of work but i think i would have less problems

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I agree with removing the fish because they don't need to be treated. I would also remove most corals and dip them seperately, then treat what's left in the tank with the full (or double) the dose.

More of a pain to do but it seems the problem is that it's really tough to tell how many flatworms there are until they start floating around during treatment :rolleyes:

I'm lucky, all my flatworms are in the fuge (they don't survive in the main tank for some reason), so when i decide to treat, I can disconnect the display.

Glad most of your livestock made it. :)

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Brad,at least ya called your fellow local reefers to help out,,,
:( :mad:
i have a couple of Magnum 350's AND plenty of powdered carbon to run in them.
bummer the tang, i know it would have been a tough one to get out of the tank,, to take over to Joy's or myself,,,,
hope you end up with a good result, no more flatworms,,,,
FWI , a "certain" LFS HAS flatworms starting in their display tank,,
hint:ummmmm, at the back door of the store as you go "downstairs",,,hope i don't turn out to be a ,,ahem ,"haven" for more,,,,;)
if you need anything , you know where/who to call on,,,,
keep us posted,,,,

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Discussion Starter · #9 · was something i had to do was far too traumatic...:D

i would have loved to remove all my fish and anemone...and even the corals to do separate dips...the only problem with that is with such a big tank, that is so full, it would be a huge undertaking...even if i had a tank to put them all in...

and i wanted to make sure i got all those little buggers...if one survives you'll have 1000 in no time...

i need to check out my tank at night with a flashlight i guess...hopefully my pod population wasnt hit too bad...

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