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Sailfin tang spots...don't think its ick!

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I was wondering what this is on my sailfin tang? It does not affect him, he is always HUNGRY and i have yet to see him scratch. Please let me know. I tested everything in my water and it is great! calcium, ph all the stuff I could think of. ph=8.4 temp=79 day =77.5 night salinity is 24-25. PIcs wouldnt attach so i linked them below.. Almost looks like a white rash?:confused::help:

thank you ahead of time for all of those who help!
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It appears to be ich.Not all fish lose there appetites when sick with ich.
the thing is he is not scratching, and in person there are no bumps, it simply looks as if his color is fading... :confused:
I appreciate your help, but I have seen ick a lot and this looks like something ive never seen
Here is your pic. The white specs look like ich to me.

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I have to agree with Jadinop...oodinella or ich type parasites. Tangs can be quite susceptible. I would think about taking him out and treating him in quarantine if you can. Much easier and safer than treating the tank. If that isn't an option, then something non-copper based like No-Ich might be an otion.
Pretty fish. If it is losing color it could be from stress of fighting the specs of white!
okay thanks everyone, this just looks more blotchy so i didnt think it was ick, but of that what yall think I will trust you!
Man, that's a beautiful tang. How long has he been in your tank?
He has been in there a little over a month and he loves it! He eats straight from the hand already.:) but thank you guys, would you recommend treating him with copper or just hypo etc? thanks
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