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Hello everyone,

Its been a while since I have been able to post or get back online. Unfortunatly I am having a tough time with the business and need to downgrade my living and with that, the tank has to go. I am ver sad to have to tell you all this and hope that you can help me out in getting the most I can for this and a new good home for all my stuff. I will be putting up another post with a list of all goods and setup. I would like to sell to someone nearby of course and I know some of you are within a few hundred miles. So I thought I would offer it here first. Here is a small list of some of the details.

150 Gallon AGA with black stand. With Overflows built in. Tanks is in good condition has a few minor scratches in front glass but barely noticable.

Tank drilled with 6 Holes 2 Intake @ 2 1/4 and 4 Output @ 3/4" with a Sequence Hammerhead for Movement.

AGA Sump Model 4
Mag 18 For Return
200 LB Live Rock
Coral Life 72 Inch 175W Triple Halide with Actinics.
Won Brothers Digital Titanium Heater
Aqua C EV180 with Mag 7 Pump
Kent Marine RODI Unit Maxxima HI S

Well That is about it, I will be listing an auction for this setup on Ebay to see how it goes. Otherwise pass the word and let me know if anyone is interested. Also the whole system is about 6 months old. Pictures will follow in the next post.

Thanks everyone.
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