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Rustl3rs 55G Reef

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Hey guys,

I figured I should start a dedicated thread about my 55G Reef tank I am in the process of starting. Lets get started on my equipment list.

55G Rectangular (48Lx13Wx20H)
216W 48" Wavepoint T5HO Lighting (2 10K, 2 420), Modded to hang from a shelf above the tank.
Rapids Pro RP3 wet/dry filter. Built in skimmer works well, all media is removed.
2x 530GPH Seio Super Flow Series PHeads,
40Lbs of cured LR and 30lbs of uncured rock (was at the LFS when the shipment came in, I opened the boxes for first pics :D)

I let my LR cycle for a little over 2.5 weeks. After that I saw that my ammonia and nitrite levels had been zero for a few days. I went to my LFS and bought a CUC. A week later I went back and bought some frags: A zoa, frogspawn and a hammer coral. They are doing great so far. Opening fully. So yesterday I decided to make one more purchase, I got a solar wrasse (beautiful and energetic), a green mushroom, a cleaner shrimp, and a rare Australian coral that I have forgotten the name (see pics). This is going to be my last purchase for a while as I am going concentrate on this bioload for a few months.

So here is my list of live inhabitants:

1 Solar wrasse (Cirrhilabrus solorensis)
1 Cleaner Shrimp
Hammer Coral
Mushroom Coral (green)
A couple zoa frags.
An an Australian coral i need help identifying.
And my CUC that consists of a bunch of snails (none turbo) and hermits and a fighting conch.

I guess its now time for the fun part, Pics! :D
Water Underwater Fluid Coastal and oceanic landforms Organism

I guess Ill post a pic of my tank with just the LR for a cool before and after. I've posted this pic on some other threads but oh well.
Water Pet supply Organism Fluid Coastal and oceanic landforms

This one is a pic I took this morning, Its darker because I had to adjust the exposure to get a good pic.
Water Plant Underwater Natural environment Fluid

From the side.
Water Fluid Organism Fish Underwater

This is a pic of the Australian coral I need help identifying.

Thats it for now! I'll be doing some tests later today.
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And boom goes the dynamite. :D I'll do it first thing in the morning. I still don't know where everything is going to end up. :freak:
Okay. I did a bunch of rearranging today along with placing some new corals. I moved my show Goniastrea as it started to bleach because it was high in the tank. So I moved to it to where the frogspawn used to be. Hopefully it will be happier a little lower in the tank.

Here is a full tank shot

Here is a side view. The layout has changed a-lot.

A few pics of each rock formation

Here is a pic of some Trumpet coal and some Zoas I placed to cover up the mounting puddy. How did I do?

This is a really cool shot of my new clowns and some corals.

Here is the new spot for my Goniastrea Brain. Note my cool purple and green acan below.
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Oh I forgot one more. A closeup of my Rose Acan.

Edit: Removed the blue tint. This is what it really looks like
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Oh yeah and my zoanthid garden. its a work in progress...
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Leptoria Closeup. Look at the mouths!
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those sum nice pics.
Ordered some aqua blue mushrooms and green/red/blue mushrooms from Live Aquaria Divers den. I plan to remove the mushrooms from the rocks they came on and stitch them my rocks with fishing line.
Okay time for an Update!

Lets do a list of ALL the inhabitants of my tank.

1 Kole Tang
2 False Perc Clownfish (pair)
1 Red Firefish


1 Fire Shrimp
1 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner
1 Emerald Crab
2 Fighting Conches
Various Hermits
Various Snails (no nessarius)

Corals: (starting at the far left side of my DT and moving right, not including zoanthids)

Green/Grey Frogspawn
Neon Green Duncan Coral
Green/Red/Blue Rhodactis Mushroom
Blue/Pink Oulophyllia
Neon Green Hammer with Pink Tips
Green Acropora Millepora that is doing well
Green/Brown Leptoria
Blue Anthelia
Turquoise/Brown Favites
Green Actinodiscus Mushrooms
Green/Brown Pachyseris AKA Elephant Skin coral
Pink/Neon Green Goniastrea
Purple/Green Acan Lord
Blue Snowflake Polyps (Sarcothelia edmondsoni). My LFS called this Cervera
Red Acan Lord with blue stripes (Rose Acan)
Red/Turquoise Lobophyllia
Grapes of Wrath (green outside with purple inside) Diploastrea (I originally thought this was Montastrea but I've since learned not to listen to my LFS.
Neon Green Toadstool Mushroom (Sarcophyton sp.)
Candy Apple Caulastrea (Brown outside w/ Green inside)
Turquise Caulastrea
Easter colored Acan Lord (Purple, Turquoise, Neon Orange, Neon Pink)
Neon Green Briareum
2 Types of Sympodium (they have similar coloration but one has thicker polyps.
Purple/Blue/Turquise Actinodiscus Mushrooms.

Zoanthids (from Left to Right Again) Colorations are from outside to inside.

Gorilla Nipples (Green, Brown, Pink)
Supernova (Electric Yellow, Dark Green, Orange centers
Eagle Eyes (Electric Green, Dark Red, Blue centers
Speckled Flowers (Brown&Green w/ orange centers)
Brown with marbleized Green/white centers. I'll call these Green Marble Countertops
Lunar Eclipse (electric orange ring with purple centers)
Miami Hurricane's (Brown Ring then Marblized White and Grey with pink centers )
Enigma zoas (Marbleized blue all over)
King Midas Zoas (Dark Green outside with Peach/Orange insides)
ORA Green People Eaters (Brown with nean green mouths)
ORA Pucker Pink Zoanthus Gigantus. Purple/Pink w/ turquoise centers.
Radioactive (Yellow Ring with dark green fading to light green)
Hawaiian Tropics (Electric Orange Ring then White, Brown with Peach centers)

Holy Moly I own a LOT of corals!
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Latest Full Tank Shot
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Some Interesting Graphs or my Water Parameter History. As you can see my Alk is pretty unstable and my goal is to keep it between 9-10 dKh. Lately I think I got a hold on it.
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So after switching liquid coral foods to oyster-feast my brain corals are going nuts! I had to move my rose acan beacuase it was in the danger zone. I hope it didn't get stung to bad. My lobo is also on the edge of the danger zone but I didn't see any nemocysts touching it. Can anyone describe to me what a stung coral looks like?
Post 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banana::banana::banana:

Played around with my macro feature today. Check it out! The pics are pretty large.

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wow... thats a beautiful tank. when did you put your first coral in it? how often do you add more stock to it?
WOW! That looks great! Nice photographs too!
Thanks for the update!
I'm probly going to get flamed for this but I started stocking on week three (all nitrogen cycle levels were 0) with a few corals. Every weekend I pick up 2-3 frags as long as my current inhabitants have been thriving. About once ever three weeks I got a new fish. I don't plan on buying anymore frags over 1" across or fish. There is no more room haha.
i was just curious. now i have something to compare and say it is possible and people do put corals in that often
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