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Hey guys,

I figured I should start a dedicated thread about my 55G Reef tank I am in the process of starting. Lets get started on my equipment list.

55G Rectangular (48Lx13Wx20H)
216W 48" Wavepoint T5HO Lighting (2 10K, 2 420), Modded to hang from a shelf above the tank.
Rapids Pro RP3 wet/dry filter. Built in skimmer works well, all media is removed.
2x 530GPH Seio Super Flow Series PHeads,
40Lbs of cured LR and 30lbs of uncured rock (was at the LFS when the shipment came in, I opened the boxes for first pics :D)

I let my LR cycle for a little over 2.5 weeks. After that I saw that my ammonia and nitrite levels had been zero for a few days. I went to my LFS and bought a CUC. A week later I went back and bought some frags: A zoa, frogspawn and a hammer coral. They are doing great so far. Opening fully. So yesterday I decided to make one more purchase, I got a solar wrasse (beautiful and energetic), a green mushroom, a cleaner shrimp, and a rare Australian coral that I have forgotten the name (see pics). This is going to be my last purchase for a while as I am going concentrate on this bioload for a few months.

So here is my list of live inhabitants:

1 Solar wrasse (Cirrhilabrus solorensis)
1 Cleaner Shrimp
Hammer Coral
Mushroom Coral (green)
A couple zoa frags.
An an Australian coral i need help identifying.
And my CUC that consists of a bunch of snails (none turbo) and hermits and a fighting conch.

I guess its now time for the fun part, Pics! :D
Water Underwater Fluid Coastal and oceanic landforms Organism

I guess Ill post a pic of my tank with just the LR for a cool before and after. I've posted this pic on some other threads but oh well.
Water Pet supply Organism Fluid Coastal and oceanic landforms

This one is a pic I took this morning, Its darker because I had to adjust the exposure to get a good pic.
Water Plant Underwater Natural environment Fluid

From the side.
Water Fluid Organism Fish Underwater

This is a pic of the Australian coral I need help identifying.

Thats it for now! I'll be doing some tests later today.

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NitriteNitrateCalcium Alkalinity Magnesium SalinityNotes




1.025Algae bloom

1.024Lights were off, algae died




1.025Dosed 10mL alkalinity booster


Dosed 10mL alkalinity booster

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have you considered adding some macro algae? it really comes through in times like this
how do I add macro algae? I dont have a fuge. Actually I think Im going to replace my wet dry with a sump and a new skimmer. I don't know when tho.

I am noticing a large amount of diatom and hair algae growing on my tank walls. I plan on taking a razorblade and siphon to remove all the hair algae from the system. What else can I do? Is putting a phosban reactor in line with my sump that I might buy a good idea?

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I redid my filtration system a few days ago. I went my LFS and said " I've had it with my dumb wet/dry!" and bought this.

CPR 90 HOB Overflow
10G Acrylic sump. 20Lx10WX14H
Vertex In-80 Skimmer (its about 3 times the size of my old skimmer)
200 Micron Filter Bag.
All the nessessary plumbing parts and glue.

I took the pump from my wet/dry and used it for my return to the tank. It works pretty good. Pumps about 300-400Gph up 4 feet (rated for 680Gph). I used clear vinyl tubing in my return so I could see the gunk build up and clean it as nesessary. Oh BTW i hate flexible tubing, Its impossible to get to bend they way you want it.

I had some noise problems with my drain line and I went to work with some custom mods. The origional noise was the drain line flow slamming in to the sump creating a nonstop gushing water sound. I fixed that by putting some filter pads in the micron sock. This quieted it down a bit but it wasnt perfect. I wanted dead silent. So I bought a 1.25" T fitting and I extended the drain line to below the water line of the sump and stuck the T on. I didn't worry about gluing because this is a zero pressure situation. This elminated the sound from the sump but now I got a gurgleing sound from my overflow. I let out a few cursewords and then I had a brilliant idea. Vent the drain line. I took the reamer from my swiss army knife and reamed a small hole in the drain line right above the sump. I put it there because if it leaked the water would just drip into the sump. I vented the line with some rigid airline tubing and that helped but didnt solve the problem. I then focused my attention of the airline vent at the overflow. I realized that it was way to small to handle the large volume of air that was flowing down the pipe. I removed the drain grating and dremeled out a larger hole so i could fit 1/2" surgical tubing. This extra air solved the gurgling problem but now there was noise coming out of the surgical tubing. I was stumped of this one but then I remembered my filler pads. I cut a very thin strip of it and twisted the filter floss and inserted it into the surgical tubing and presto. Noise gone.

Now my system is vurtually silent. All you can hear is the skimmer pump and return pump. Both of those are very silent as well.

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I love tatoka rock. Last summer I was at a store that was moving and had it on sale for $4.00/lb. I bought about 10 pounds. If I had been smart, I would have bought every piece they had.
yeah I got super lucky with my LR purchase. They got a shipment in as I was at the store. I opened the boxes myself for first picks. I bought 30lbs for $3.99 a #

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New Additions

Hey guys,

went to the LFS yesterday and today and got some new goodies. I got....

2 types of Caulastrea (trumpet/candy coral). One type is blue/green and has soft polyps. The second is a much more rare caramel with white stars and dark green centers. For those who have Corals by julian sprung, it looks exactly like the picture on page 103. The latter coral came slightly broken and I separated the pieces to get a branch shaped one and one that was a ring of polyps. I took the blue/green coral and placed it in the center of the ring. Two types of torch coral mixed in with each other!

1 Red Firefish. this is my much cheaper replacement for my poor solar wrasse.

And for my favorite find so far. A B-E-A-utiful Gonastrea. This brain coral has pink/purple ridges with neon green recesses. Its shaped EXACTLY like a real brain, and about the same size as well. It took a whole 3/4 stick of puddy to mount.

The lights are out right now but I'm doing a photoshoot tomorrow and I post pics then.

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New Pics!

Okay, time to upload some pics.

Our first picture of the post is a full shot from the front.
Water Green Natural environment Fluid Organism

The next is a nice look at my net set of trumpet corals. I sorta wedged them in between the two pieces of LR to give a vein like effect. They look so good.
Water Plant Underwater Organism Marine biology

Next is my new favorite coral. The Brain! I mounted it so it looks exactly like a brain from the front. It reminds me of a few Furturama episodes. The brain spawn! The Goniastrea is pink/purple with electric green insides. Its incredible!
Water Natural environment Organism Underwater Coastal and oceanic landforms

Here is the same brain from the side. I used 3/4 stick of puddy to keep it there.
Water Marine invertebrates Plant Fluid Pet supply

I hope you like the new additions!

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More additions

This weekend I started my war with Hair (both green and red) and cyano. So I went to my LFS and picked up these guys.

2 Emerald Crabs
1 Kole Tang (awseome fish btw)
1 Fighting Conch (now i have 2)
1 Lobophyllia
1 Toadstool Leather

Last time I posted pics nobody seemed to care. If you want pics requestem.

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More Frags

Picked up some new frags this weekend. I also did some rearranging when I installed my new vortech MP10w's. They are awesome and I freed up some prime real estate for something really awesome down the road.

I got...

A green Briareum
Blue Anthelia
Blue Cervera Has anyone have any information on this coral? I can't find any online.
Blue Oulophyllia

I'm trying to fill my tank with blues and greens now. I have plenty of pink and tan to contrast it.

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Picture Time!


Took a few pics today. Tank is getting a lot more dense now.

Lets start with a full shot.
Water Vertebrate Underwater Natural environment Pet supply

Here is a shot of a cool Briareum, it came with 2 free xenia frags.
Water Plant Marine invertebrates Underwater Coastal and oceanic landforms

Next up is my new Blue Cervera
Water Organism Mammal Underwater Fish

My girl picked out this cool Oulophyllia. The guys at the LFS were mad cuz they wanted it.
Underwater Marine biology Coral Plant Reef

And wanted to post a pic of my Hammer Euphyllia. Its really exploding growthwise.
Water Natural environment Fluid Organism Underwater


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Beautiful! Keep those pictures coming please!
Geez you guys are insatiable. I'll post more pictures this weekend after the marine aquarium expo. I'm currently trying to nurse my sympodium back to health and my trumpet as well. You can see in the pics some of the polyps have died.
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