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Rose ate Kole Tang?

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I woke up this morning and noticed my Kole Tang was missing. I looked around the tank only to find him being devoured by my Rose. Is this a common problem? I realize that anenomes will be opportunistic but I didn't think he would be capable of catching a tang. The tang does sleep right near the rose so I think it is a possibility. The other option I guess is that he just happened to die right near him and the rose grabbed it for a midnight snack.:( He had been with me since the beginning. He had been in captivity for 5 years. RIP Kole Tang.
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That sucks Kyle:(

A friend of mine had the same thing happen with an achillies tang, and BTA. He said the tang didn't look too good the night before so the BTA was just being opportunistic. a day later the BTA spit it back up, not pretty.

5 years huh?

That sux!
I had the tang for 2 years and the reefer who had him before me had him for 3. He was looking great the night before too!!:(
Man, sorry to hear that. I thought you had sushi last night. :D

I'll come and get him out of your tank. It's the least I could do. Tell you what, I trade you for my Niger Trigger. :D :D
Hey!!!!!! Where'd that dang rose anemone come from anyways??????????? I think the person that you got that anemone from should be responsible for that kole tang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D

Sorry to hear about that Kyle. Hate losing longtime animals.:( :(

Tell me about it. I probably stop talking to that person, let alone trade with him. :D :D :D What a mean reefer that person must be. :rolleyes:
my guess would be the tang either died before ending up in your anemone or was well on it's way.
after talking to a few people I think you are correct podman. The tang showed no signs of anything out of the ordinary but who knows.

Sorry about the Kole Tang- they are neat looking, very shy and great algae eaters.

On the other hand- you don't have to feed the rose for a l i t t l e while :rolleyes:
reefcam said:
Tell me about it. I probably stop talking to that person, let alone trade with him. :D :D :D What a mean reefer that person must be. :rolleyes:

I am sure that the tang was dead or very ill and ended up in the anemone. I have very large roses and several tangs and I have never had a problem like that! My tangs get VERY close to the roses without a problems. However that really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you need another tang?? I was a beautiful health sailfin who I am selling. He is VERY expereinced with rose anemones! Let me know. I will be home tonight, MOnday night and then I will be gone until next Friday.

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