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Let me start by saying the whole reason I decided to move the rocks is because the carpet nem I bought a few months ago has eatin about 150 dollars in fish. I wanted to remove it but,... it was wedged behind the rock that happed to be the most crucial part of the support system of my last design. I waited and waited and finally after a mass murder of 3 of my fish I was fed up!

So not only do I have before and after pictures I also need some adivce on what kind of fish you guys reccomend. Im looking for reef safe colorful fish. Im going to trade the one clown I have left for 2 percula clowns. I really like foxfaces (I lost one to the killer nem) and I really love the Flame hawk that I had.

I also want to ask you guys about somei sand sifters. I have had 3 sand sifting gobys commit fishy suicide. Any other sifters that are reef safe and effective?

The first pic is current, second is before. Any suggestions welcome! :)
Dang Carpet Nems!!!! I lost about 200 Buxin fish to one also, ended up pullin it out too, named it Audrey then gave it back to the LFS lol
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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