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repair center brace on 90 gallon acrylic

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Hello. I just bought a used 90 gallon acrylic tank that has a broken center brace. There is also some crazing on the center brace - not sure if it is from stress or maybe from the heat of halide lights? There has been an attempt to repair the break - by placing a piece of acrylic underneath it - and using screws to hold the repair piece to the original. I can't tell for sure - but it does not look like the repair piece was adhered to the original with weld-on. My question is - do i leave it like it is? (i did see the tank full - and it appeared to be fine with no bowing or anything like that). Should I take out the screws and see if the repair piece was bonded with weld-on? (there appears to be sand and salt between the original acrylic and the repair piece, which makes me think it wasn't bonded).
I'm attaching some pictures. The crazing is right over the "Y" of the tubes. Thanks for any input you might have!


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If it were me I personally would do some work on it. Even if it is not fixed with weldon.
This way you can atleas add to the structure support and know it has been done as good as it can be.
It would be a nightmare to get that puppy filled and stocked and end up on the floor.

You know what I mean??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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