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removing dead fish

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How important is it to find and remove dead fish in a reef tank? I have a couple of dead fish who knows where within or under the reef.
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Certainly removing any dead fish or invert is he best thing to do, but if you can't find it or it requires a complete aquascape overhaul, I would leave it there. Hopefully you have enough clean up critters (nassarius snails, hermits, serpent stars, shrims, crabs) to devore the fish before it adds too much to your ammonia>nitrite>nitrate levels.
If it means only moving a piece of rock or two, then I would remove them.
Don't you just hate that 'missing fish' syndrome?
I would say removing a dead fish would depend on size of fish in comparison with size of tank!

A large fish in a small tank would be disasterous in my opinion but in a large tank you can get away with it!:)
yup. if the tank is fairly large, in comparison to the fish, for instance, the average 1 or 2 inch fish, in a 55 or higher aquarium.. leave it.. that is, if you have plenty of clean up critters. if you have critters, the fish are probably already gone.

i had a green chromis die one night and came in to see it being feasted upon by 3 hermits, an emerald crab, a peppermint shrimp, and the star was on the move. within about 2 hours, there was no trace.
I would always endeavour (within reason) to find and remove any dead life in my tank.
Perhaps cut back on the food for a day or so, seeing as there's been some throughput of protein...
Red fish: Doode! Ralphie over there is looking kinda bad these days...

Blue fish: Yeah, I think his days are numbered.

Red fish: soooo... Ya think that the ReefGod will take him out if he poops out tomorrow?

Blue fish: Hmmm... I dunno, historically speaking if Ralphie is hard to find, RG just lets The Carcass stay.

Red fish: WELL, WELL WELL!!! maybe Ralphie gets a little too close to the intake for the POWERHEAD, a little push... ...INSTANT SUSHI!!!

bLUE FISH: YEAH!!! We hide the body 'till the lights go out, and its PIT COOKED BBQ for everybody!!!!

Red fish: Heh!!! So who do you wanna invite???
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rotflmao!!!!!!! :funny: :funny:
Too much freshly ground coffee this AM, Tommy?


:lol: :lol: MMMMM, BBQ:drool: :drool: :fish: :beer: :dance:

I got good BBQ sauce.....

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Alice posted...
Too much coffee???
heh, that and too little sleep!
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