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Ok as described in the title. I recently picked up a remora pro for very cheap. I got the mag 3 pump for it and it would either not do anything or skim very wet. I looked up some mods to try out and ended up making an extra tall collection cup but after that the mag 3 pump just wasn't powerful enough to push the bubbles all the way into the collection cup. I went and exchanged the mag 3 for a mag 7. Now here's what I'm wanting everyones thoughts and advice on hopefully someone who has or has had the same setup. The mag 7 pump is a little bigger than the already huge mag 3 pump. Plus I know the mag 7 ump may run warmer than the mag 3 as well. I was wanting some ideas on how to set this up. Could I set the pump outside the tank? I would like to avoid having to have the pump hang from the skimmer in the tank because it's a huge eyesore and takes up a considerable amount of space. I thought maybe mount it to the wall outside the tank and run a couple pvc tubes? I've also read that the mag pumps can leak if you set them up inline instead of submersed in tank. Anyone have experience with this stuff? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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