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Yep, that is the way to make a Remora work better. Can you imagine a Mag18 :lol:

MagDrives can run externally, but I think they are better submersiable pumps because they tend to run warm (as you have noticed). Heat is the enemy of the pump (like many things heat is not good). You could run it externally. Some teflon tape can shore up the pump's volute does not seal perfectly. However, most Magsdrives seal well. Much better than a maxi-jet. It would reduce the pressure with the elbows but it will still be about as effective. I would say look at using an Eheim 1262 if you go external.

I just could not deal with 70w of energy usage for a HOB skimmer. :lol: But very nice mod work. The mad skimmer mods are enjoying this!
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