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one interesting spin would be to set up the reef as a geographically specific tank. in it you would include only things that would actually coexist together, instead of just picking stuff form all over the world and putting it together. i am not biologist, but i have a feeling that things that have adapted to live together probably build better communities for study.

for a good reference check out natural reef aquariums tfh publishing by tullock. if you go to the meeting i can bring mine for you to flip through. it breaks down entire reef communities, corals, inverts, and fish, that all work well together. for example, florida reefs, hawaii, indo-pacific, as well as specific zones like deep reefs, fore reefs, etc.

would give another layer of science to the project trying to get specific things together eh?

of course as a reef keeper, you should probably just buy the book yourself as it is a great reference :p
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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