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Chopper here. Getting over vacation problem from a few days ago. Nitrates still a little high, went and got some macro-algae, and have done a 10gal and 5gal water change since Mon. to help. I was interested in getting a refugium, as that should help my water quality. I went and priced some, and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on cheap refugiums. I am willing to build one, or maybe someone has a good idea of something that I can buy cheap at Home Depot or something that can double as a refugium. Any suggestions would help.
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Here's a good link:

They are cheap to make. Just get a 10g drilled on the side, cheap light, ect...easy easy easy...need a 10g drilled PM or email me...

I use a 25 gal Sterlite (like Rubbermaid) tub for my refugium. It cost me less then $10. I use a LOA light fixture above it. It has a 65 watt pc bulb. I think I paid $30 for that. Refugiums don't have to be very fancy to work. Mine has a 4-5" sand bed and about 10 lbs of live rock.
you can goto Wal Mart and pick up a rubber maid container and plant some Caulerpa plants in there. Caulerpa can also be harvested and used as fresh, natural food for fish. In addition, Caulerpa prevents the growth of undesired hair algae by competing for essential nutrients.

Caulerpa plants uses the end products of fish metabolism and fixes them into plant tissue, therefore preventing the accumulation of harmful ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, and stabilizes the pH. I am not sure what would work best for a bed to plant the Caulerpa in (sand or crushed coral) but the best shot would be to plant it in Miracle Mud (but that is not cheap at all)
Thanks a lot. I figured I could use a container and place it under the tank, but I kind of like the idea of having it for viewing. I know I am intrigued by the ability to see what happens in the aquatic ecosystem, whether it be viewing fish and corals, or seeing the macro-algae and microorganisms hard at work. My buddies aren't accustomed to seeing reef tanks and are mezmorized by our tank, even though it is nothing special compared to some I've seen. I know they would be just as interested in the refugium, and having it in sight, they would be able to see first hand proper methods for reef care for any future tanks they may want to set up. Any ideas of a cheaper method that I can hang off the side or back? I have seen them at the pet store, but think I can assemble one just as good with the proper cuttings of acrylic. I haven't done pricing on getting acrylic cut, and haven't done any homework on adhesives, so I may be running myself into a dead end, but anyways. Killer Marley pic by the way, seems we have a something else in common besides reefing.
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One thing to think about to...are you going to be using it for a food source also ? If so you may want to go with the gravity way instead of a having a return pump....

I was looking at one of the links that was sent, and the gravity method feeds off/and back to a sump, which I don't have. Maybe I should look into that first. I have been at this for a few months, and am still learning. I am a college student, so I am looking for the most bang for the buck. I have been pricing Metal Halides too, and am wondering about homemade methods for fixtures, wiring, etc. Thanks for the help and advice
Get a retro kit for your MH. With the fuge, I just put mine on top of my canopy. And then run a PVC pipe or a hose to the top of your tank....If you have it go back to your sump then it will still have to go through the retun pump wich defiets the point of a gravity feed fuge...It would work but not that likely of food surviving the blender..

for acrylic, you can get 1/4" acrylic/plexiglass at home depot and lowes for 37 bucks for a 2'x4' section.

they will cut for free. then just glue it all up using that acrylic cement, that slips my mind at the moment :D
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