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So I Have Some Free Time This Weekend And I Want To Add A Refugium To My 55 Gallon Reef Tank 5 Months Old I have a 30 gallon Tall Tank Can I Use This For A fuge ? Does my fuge have to have the baffles can I just have no chambers with live rick algae and a CUP
Tank Currently Has
2 Clownfish
5 Hermits
1 Green Crab
Some Gsp
And Green People Eater Paly

I am having some coraline algea issue it's growing like crazy GOOD SIGN OR BAD?

Tank Stats
Amo. 0 Nitrates 0 Pho. 0 Salinity 1025 Ph 8.4 Temp. 78 Bak Pak Protein Skimmer 2 Power Heads 100 Gal Filter (Media Changed Bi - weekly 2 True Beam Blue And White LED full spectrum Lights

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Yes, coralline is good. I would like to second have the baffles as a bubble reducer, it does help. Sorry not much else to add.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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