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My current reeftank was started in December 1998, but I consider it established as of April 1999 thats when my other reef tanks were migrated to this tank and it become a true reef tank.

Web site:

Tank is a 180 US Gallon Oceanic Tank with a 55 Gallon sump.

Light: Iwasaki 250w 6500k halides powered by IceCap MHI ballast and dual 160w Actinic 03 VHO tubes powered by IceCap 430 ballast.

Circulation: Main pump is a Iwaki MD70RLT that powered four 1/2" returns plus four MaxiJet 1000 powerheads on a wave maker. A secondary pump (MAK4) is being added to power a 3/4" SeaSwirl and two Silent Surge devices.

Skimmer: ETS 800 Gemini powered by a Iwaki MD55RLT pump. Skimmer produces about 1200ml a week of dark stinky skimmate that makes your noise hairs curl.

Calcium Reactor: Advanced Reef Technologies K2R filled with Korallith, Geomarine and Dolomite.

Fish: Naso Tang, Sailfin Tang, Purple Tang, Chevron Tang, Foxface, Engineer Goby and a mated (and spawning) pair of Percula Clownfish in a host anemone.

Inverts: SPS, LPS, Clams and Soft Corals. Large Tigertail cuke, Blue Linkia Sea Star, shrimps, assorted brittle sea stars lots of snails but NO HERMITS!!!

Spawnings: Percula Clownfish spawn twice a month, a disc coral releases sperm on regular intervals, snails and clams have also released sperm, long tentacle anemone has released eggs, two different species of mushrooms have released egg bundles.
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