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Reefkeeper's 75 Gallon Build

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Recently broke ground on my 75 gallon reef tank build and figured I would get a thread rolling. My current set up is a 72 bowfront seen below. I aquired the tank and stand about a year ago and recently made the decision to upgrade to a new 75 gallon tank, and build a custom stand.

This is an older picture of the tank after about 4 months or so...

Started working on the new stand about two weeks ago with a good friend. Began with cutting and assembling the top and bottom frames using all 2x4's and a 2x6 for the top front beam.

Bottom assembled.

Top assembled

Following with getting the legs cut and put together using an L shaped design with 2x4.

Test fitting.

Then cut the two pieces to completed the front two legs using 2x6's.

Drilled the pocket holes and fastened the frame together.

Frame all put together.

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i like the shelves in the stand, wish i would have done that...cant wait to see the tank come together. i had a 72BF and loved it but have a 75 now. what made you decide to change?
nice, musty smells are gross.

you could always buff the glass on the BF and either resell it or try keeping a different biotope in it like a lagoon tank or something like that. I think a shallow grassflat biotope tank would be amazing.
got ya, well i cant wait to see what happens. taking your time is definitely a good idea, i was a little impatient with my build and wish i had taken a little more time to do a few things a little differently but i guess thats for my next build!
Thanks! The canopy will be housing my 48" Current Sunpod fixture that has two 250watt halides and 18 LEDs, nine white and nine blue.
that fixture sounds great! :banana:
id try advanced auto parts and just get 2 shocks for a rear hatch (i had to replace them on my old jeep and i think they were $20 for 2. you dont have to worry about the hinge not working and i trust a hydraulic shock a lot more. too bad my jeep blew up, otherwise i could give them to ya
That pic of the whole setup is awesome. The canopy and stand really great, and thats good to find out about the tank sooner rather than later. What color combo are you going for? Did you get the shocks figured out?
fantastic progress! this should be an incredible setup, i wished i would have painted the back of tank before i set it up..
Ive owned three other aquariums in my time and always wished I would have done something different especially paint the background before I set it up. It makes things nice and easy, you don't have to worry about deal with water getting between the glass and plastic backgrounds or anything.

This will be by far the nicest and best setup I have ever owned and it is due to really thinking things through and not rushing along to get it up and running. Thank you all for the kind words, I'm really excited to see it all set up.
Yeah I wish I had taken a little more time in mine but I will have to tear it down in a year or so to move to Canada anyway so Ill do some things differently before I set it back up.

I cant wait to see it set up too :thumbup:
1 - 20 of 152 Posts
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