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Reefkeeper's 75 Gallon Build

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Recently broke ground on my 75 gallon reef tank build and figured I would get a thread rolling. My current set up is a 72 bowfront seen below. I aquired the tank and stand about a year ago and recently made the decision to upgrade to a new 75 gallon tank, and build a custom stand.

This is an older picture of the tank after about 4 months or so...

Started working on the new stand about two weeks ago with a good friend. Began with cutting and assembling the top and bottom frames using all 2x4's and a 2x6 for the top front beam.

Bottom assembled.

Top assembled

Following with getting the legs cut and put together using an L shaped design with 2x4.

Test fitting.

Then cut the two pieces to completed the front two legs using 2x6's.

Drilled the pocket holes and fastened the frame together.

Frame all put together.

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Thanks man, I actually been a lurker on your build thread for awhile, came out nice!
Thanks, I still feel like it is a diamond in the rough! Ha ha!
I wish I had the tools/skill and space to work like you do! My 90 g freshy is on a bare bones 2x4 stand, and even that didn't turn out very pretty!

Stand looks good!
Would it be possible for you to put together a list of power tools and basic tools that you have used so far in the construction...that way I have an idea of the basic list of tools I will need to aquire over time to be able to build my own stands and canopys...I probably could have bought all the tools I would need for price of my 90 g. stand and canopy....
Miter saw
Table saw
Router (and bits)
Pocket jig
Possibly jig saw
Brad gun and air compressor

If you wanted to go simplistic, you could get away with miter, drill, and air compressor/ brad gun
Thanks, that gives me an idea of what I need to work towards!
The tank looks great! Aquascaping is probably the most difficult thing for me when I set up a new tank! I tinker with it for a few days before I am satisfied, I got really lucky with my last build, I was able to lay out all the rock on the floor (because it was dry marcorock) and I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and I just picked the peices that best fit my vision! It turned out great!

Hopefully someday I can use this thread as a guide when I build a new stand for one of my 90 gal. tanks!
1 - 7 of 152 Posts
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