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I'm going to downgrade to a smaller reef so I am selling my current system

Here goes:

120 gallon (48x24x24) tricon acrylic tank with center overflow
Large sump
gen x 6500 return pump
2x400 watt Sunlight supply hqi ballast, with radium bulbs, mogul sockets, and reflectors
2x110 watt vho ballast from PFO, 2 actinic bulbs, end caps
Black stand
Canopy( needs to be finished)
2 1100 seios (1 new, 1 used a month)
several maxi jet 1200 pumps
1 used seio 620
1 LOA sump light (big silver bell type)
1 Acrylic safe algae magnet
several timers
1 brand new swing arm hydrometer

Now for the live stock:

5 or six blue damsels
1 pajama cardinal
1 med/large blue tang
1 med sohol tang (red Sea)
1 scribbled rabbit
1 true perc
1 oscelaris
1 lawnmower blenny
1 Potter's angel
1 neon goby
1 tuxedo urchin
A TON of snails
120# live rock ( covered in coralline, yellow ball sponges, green sponges, feather dusters)
1 Tongan Rose anemone
1 tongan yellow leather
1 orange/pink echino
1 watermelon echino
1 5" tiger striped deresa clam
1 encrusting monti (light tan with light green polyps)
1 red millepora
1 Beautiful Soutas Frogspawn
1 green maze brain
1 pink stylo colony
2 blue mouth favia
1 blue/green tenius
1 soutas yello scroll coral
1 tan with green polyp sps colony
lots of xenia
2 xmas tree rocks
1 orange/blue ricordia
4 neon green ricordia
1 Tyree Loisetter colony
1 green/blue fungia from Rainbow corals
1 frag green slimer
1 frag red stag
1 green gonipora
encrusting green pavona coral on overflow
1 blastomussa merletti (several polyps blue mouths)
orange/green favia
various red and green mushrooms on rocks
xmas tree favia
various green sps colonies
Much much more

I want $2000 obo for the entire set up. I would love to sell it whole and won't consider parting it out for a while.

I will help tear down and deliver
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