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Reef Setup For sale

Well I can't seem to find enough time for my reef tank so I have decided to sell it:( We are going to keep our current tank up and running as a fish only so I won't be getting all the way out of the hobby;). Here is a list of the equipment, corals, and fish:

(2) 175w MH with Advance ballast's $100 for both
(2) 2 lamp 55w PC's with bulbs 2 actinic and 2 daylights $70 for both
Tsunami wave maker $90 with 4 MJ 1200's or $75 with out.
Amirical overflow $20
(3) 20 gallon glass tanks $10 each or $25 for all three
55 gallon All-glass tank with cherry trim $60
90 gallon All- glass tank (has broken cross brace that has been repaired) $35
10 gallon glass tank $5
Little Giant 5-MD-SC pump (I think it is 1200gph) $75
Kent 35 gallon a day Maxima HI-S RO/DI water filter $80

Live stock: Make offer:
Yellow Tang
Pair of true Perculas
Lawnmower Blenny
Potters Leopard Wrasse
Cleaner shrimp

Large Red Open Brain $30
Large Frogspawn $25
Green finger $15
Large Kenya tree$20
Neon Green tree coral $15
A few mushrooms $5 SOLD
Gold Crown toadstools $5
Candy Cane $15
Brown Moon coral $15
Montipora Digitata $15
and a few other sps frags

Around a 100lbs of Fiji and Marshall Island LR
and 150+ lbs of arragonite sand.

[email protected]

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C'mon Scott! Don't we get to sneak a peek at the new addition that is taking up all of your time? :)

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NOOOO no no no no no no no nonooooo....

Don't be so hasty. Just let it autopilot for a while and minimize your reff expenses. That's what I'm doing. I'm saving up for a display. :funny: :funny:
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