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Reef Setup for Sale

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Unfortunately I must discontinue my reef hobby as I only have time for one major pet being snakes and college / work as it is. This is a great setup for those looking to get into the reef hobby with Softies or LPS setup.

For sale Local only in Whole until otherwise posted:

50 G Glass Aquarium /w Stand
DIY Custom Canopy for PC Lighting.

30 Gallon Custom Sand Sump

HOB Overflow Box

90 Lbs Marshall / Fiji / Luao Live Rock

Euroreef CS 6-1 In Sump Skimmer /w Pump

2x96 Watt PC 2x55 PCs with Ballasts and Moisture Proof EndCaps

I would like to see it go for $1300 OBO.
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if you break it up, i would be interested in the tank w/ stand and the skimmer. got lights, rock, sump, etc, just looking for more real estate for my corals.
I'd be interested in the overflow & sump & maybe skimmer too.
Id be very interested in the live rock!!!!
I am also interested in the live rock and I would be willing to drive up and pick it up.
Yeah let us know... Also interested in Live Rock if any is left if you break it up. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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