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This is my first post in this forum so excuse me if I do or say something incorrect. I have a 30 Gal reef setup thats been through a nudibranch outbreak, bubble algae, and a severe case of aiptashia. I am finally at a stage for a couple of months now where my tank is thriving and everything is doing well. Eventually I'll put up pics but anyway I'm looking into a type of anemone for my tank but something that doesnt get tremendous and is generally hearty. Any sugguestions? Thank you.
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what nem u have will depend on your lighting. what are you running?

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my lighting is definitely good I have a lot of corals and a maxima clam. i think its a fluval sea
Maxi mini. Not a hosting nem but they tend to stay put and come in a bunch of colors. Welcome to TRT
Yes ive seen the maxi minis. I like them I just didnt know if they were going to move around the tank a lot which i didnt really want. I was looking at a nice little rose tip also. Btw what is the best way to direct my response to another user? quoting?
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