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This is my tank

3 Zebrasoma Flavescens (Used to have 5 but the internal tang wars has down
sized the crew)
1 Chelmon Rostratus
2 Premnas Bimaculatus ( one red and white and one black and Yellow)
1 Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura (beautiful fish and fast)
5 Chromis dont know latin name but not virdis
1 damsel dont know the name
1 cleaner wrasse
1 Gramma Loretto
3 Lysmata ambionensis
1 Enoplometopus debelius (reef safe HUH hardly he ate my voilitans)
2 Lysmata debelius
1 Linckia Laevigata
1 fomia indica
2 Ophiocoma paucigranulata
1 Ophiolepis superba
1 Echinometra mathai
1 Holothuria edulis
1 phymanthus sp.
1 tridacna maxima
3 saebella sp.

stylophora 2 different kinds yellow and pink only frags yet
acropora many many
Pavona Cactus
cycloseris sp
Euphullia divisa ancora and parancora
galaxea frag
trachyphyllia geoffroyi
caluastrea curvata
Acanthstrea Lordhowensis
2 diffrent gorgonians
100 snails
50 scutus ungius
few discosomas
3 green Yumas thats all folks

- Aqua Care 2000 V skimmer (the biggest skimmer I can fit in under the tank I promise)
- Aqua Care ADN-75 Nitrate reactor ( I´m shutting this down now as I start dosing Vodka instead)
- Aqua Care KWR-110 Kalkwasser reactor ( after a few accident´s I have found out a way to work it)
- Deltec FR-509 Phosphate reactor (run it 50/50 Rowaphos/active carbon)
- Sander 50 mg Ozon ( controlled with redoxpotentiometer at 400 mv)
- Deltec HLP-8070S return pump (quiet and powerful)
- Deltec HLP-8070I closed loop pump ( interval pump good but not enough)
- Tunze T24 kit 2*6100 streamers with 7095 controller (ugly but does the work the closed loop didn´t
- IKS Alpha tempcontroller (summer days fan control hope to do without it soon.)
- Aqua medic 1500 Titan chiller ( happy with it but have to get it out of the room)
- Detec 2*20Watt UVC ( feed by aquabee 3000 Up)

400 W Coralvue at 14.500 Kelvin
T5 actinics by sfiligoi
6 Moonlights
2 * Sole set 60 cm 1 x 400 W 2 x 24 W T5 moonlight yes ACLS yes (on request) but not in mine. But maby some day.

- 195 gallon cylinder tank made in colorless clear acryl by Schuran seawater

- 1 meter in diameter and one meter high with overflow in the middle.

- 3 pipes in overflow (one return pipe one standupdurso and one pipe to hide
all cables)

- Tankstand 95 centimeter made in stainless steel by Schuran

- Canopy made in wood and dressed up in a rug "dumb dumber style"

Water Parameters:​
Salinity 1.024
Temp always between 24-25 celcius
PH between 8 - 8.4
Calcium 400
Alk 9
PO4 non measurable
NO3 non measurable
AM non measurable

Best regards Ted Bergstrom


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Welcome Ted, beautiful tank you have, i have always wanted a cylinder. I don't doubt you had a tang fight if you had 5 in that thing. it is amazing you can fit all the equipment under that thing too.

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Very neat design!:banana:

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zxcv123 said:
That tank is beautiful. Tangs do, howevr, prefer long tanks to swim at high speeds.
One lap in my tank is over 3 meters and then its no stopping so the speed limit in my tank is way higher than most tanks.

Thanx everyone !!!!

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OK I have to ask. How do you clean the glass? Am I thinking right that this is 3' deep?

The tank is realy nice by the way. :thumbup:

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Thanx guys !!!!

Here´s a pic of an arrowheadcrab I introduced in the tank about a month ago. He´s really a nice addition has not touched any of my corals and fish. It looks really nice when he carfully walkes over my biggest euphyllia Yajamensis without disturbing it. Tomorrow I get a new gem piece to my tank a new favia red and green.

Thanx again.


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