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Red Sea Max250

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Thought this was kinda cool, I knew that Red Sea made some pretty complete nano's with skimmers and everything but a full 65 gallon

Dimensions (LxWxH)960 x 552 x 665 mm (38 x 21 x 26.2")
Total water volume250 liters (65 gallons)
Glass thickness10 mm (0.4")
Cabinet (LxWxH)960 x 552 x 800 mm (38 x 21 x 32")
Lighting6 x 39W T5 Linear
Lighting- 10,000k117W
Lighting- Actinic117W
Lighting- Blue LED8
Lighting timerAnalogue
Hood opening3 positions
Circulation Pumps1 x 1200 lph & 1 x 2400 lph
(320 gph & 640 gph)
Skimmer water throughput1000 lph (240 gph)
Skimmer max Air flow300 lph (80 gph)
Skimmer foam adjuster
Heater Wattage200W
Mechanical filter
Biological Filtration (active surface area)420m²/ l (1,200 sq ft/gal)
Activated Carbon400g (14 oz)
Power centre5 outlets
Water Cooling Fans
(dual fan unit)
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Only carries a $1600 price tag. :D
I think I remember reading that someone in the General Discussion board has one... That about as close to "plug n' play" as it gets in this hobby!
Jeff Meronek, who isn't on the boards yet but Nick and Matt have met him has the 39 gallon one and it is a nice setup. Very plug and play and it was not cheap at all.
Raise your hand if you were an idiot and tried to click on the "See MAX tour" thingy... (Joe raises his hand)

******. lol
Haha. Joe you crack me up.
My stupidity cracks me up, too. :D
Ok, I'll come clean. I tried it, too. Must be in the Eau Claire city water or something....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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