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Really confused on filtration

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Ok so I'm pretty confused and would really like some help! I have just set up my 55 gallon tank... Nothing but sand (getting live rock tomorrow). So here's my question... I have a fluval 306 canister hooked up at the moment. I have a fluval aqua clear HOB 70 just sitting around. Which filter do I use and what parts do I keep inside the filter so it isn't what you guys call a "nitrate cave"!? My stand isn't that big, so if I am to add a sump, it can only hold a 10 gallon. I understand sumps are the best but I am trying to stay away since you have to drill and all that from what I've read. I have no clue how to do all that honestly. It will be a fish only tank, but I plan to add maybe a few invertebrates in the future and maybe a hardy anemone or two. Nothing fancy and delicate. Oh and I also have a protein skimmer:)
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Yea I have two power heads in there right now that I kind of think might be a little TOO much circulation. But I also have smaller ones in case. Thanks for the reply. I think I will take out the canister and use the HOB. I think I will make 2 carbon chambers and 1 ammonia remover (or so it's called ammonia remover). I have the aqua clear which has 3 spots for filter pads and carbon and all that. Should I remove the filter pad from the filter? I read that's what makes it a nitrate factory.
Ok good. I will just use the hob instead of the canister. I feel more comfortable cleaning that out.
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