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Hey all I'm new here, I have always used this site to look up quetions about my tank but this time I wasn't able to find an answer, this is my first post :D.

I have a 40 gallon hexegon oceanic fish tank, I bought it used from craigslist, its hexegon tall, not sure of exact measurements yet but I don't think it matters from what I want to ask. The tank has no leaks and no major scratches except 1 but its hardly noticable, and on 1 side where the glass meets it looks like a pieace of glass is chippedi want to know if I can super glue the outside on all 6 side, like a streight line down and on the frame, all done from the outside, nothing inside, I filled up the tank and there are no leaks but I don't want to take any risks, outside part doesn't have any glue, don't know if it had to have any or not but would still like to super glue it so I can sleep and work without having to worry about it exploding on me. Will super glue work? Or what would be the best kind of glue? I don't care how it will look on the edge of each glass, id prefer safety over cosmetic, sorry for errors and such, asking with my cell phone and typing here is horrible. Thanks again for reading this :D ill post pic once I can get a decent camera
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