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Hey all i have this truck for trade or sale. I need Equipment, but will sell. What I am looking for is:

Kalk Reactor
Nice Sump With Baffles at least 30G
Controller (I'll add cash to the deal)
CA Reactor (Cash Again)

Or I will sell for $115 Shipped!

This truck runs great and only has the normal scratches on the body. This truck is READY TO RUN!!
One of the Batteries alone was over $50 and has been fully charged 3 times. It's basically brandnew as I just got it. I guarantee that. The other battery is basically brand new as well and has been only charged about 6 times. You can tell by the pics they are not old. This comes with a charger, but you will need to get one that will charge the 3700 fast. It takes a while with the regular charger. The other batt charges in 15min with the current charger. Also the remote is an after market remote that is rechargeable. Just plug it up! It also comes with the rechargeable batteries. The remote has a piece of tape over the battery cover to hold it on good. It works GREAT though.
The only thing missing is a $2 battery hold down for the battery in the car. This does not effect it in any way. It was lost and I just never got another one. I used a homeade peice to hold it down.
All that is pictured is included. ALL OF IT!! This truck has an ESC also.
What is included:
Rustler With Body
Orion 3700 Battery (NEW)
Shark 1500 Battery (NEW)
Hobbico 900 Charger
Hitech Rechargeable Remote w/Batteries
Various Parts with Case (shocks, extra motor, etc....)

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