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I have set up a 90 Gallon tank with stand and canopy, Pro clear aquatics pro 150 sump with skimmer, Gamma UV sterilizer, and Aqua logic Chiller. For lighting I have Nova Extreme Pro 8x54 t5 fixture, What should I use for media, 2 Chemi pures?, Or one bag for carbon and one bag for phosguard? Suggestions please. :wavey:
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I know what people want... More info...

What is your tank going to be used for... Prolly mixed reef. But be more specific.

Substrate? How much LR?

I'm not sure what chemi pure is but... Most people don't run carbon 24 7 due to its ability to strip the water of many things that need to be in it. GFO sounds good in both and run carbon once a month for a few days right before a water change.

Anyhow a good bump for you if you want advice from those who use chemi pure.
right now 100 pounds of live rock and remora pink sand and yes corals and fish
Chemi pure is something like Carbon.I would say only use any of them,when needed.
see that's weird i work at an aquarium shop and we run them 24/7 in our coral tank and fish systems wtff so many different answers, when would one not need to use it or need to
Carbon will take out all the yellowing fast way before it takes out the trace elements needed by corals. Another thing you would want to use it for is removing growth inhibiting chemicals thay soft corals secrete as a defence against SPS corals (it also affects LPS) over crowding them and killing them. You don't want that stuff to build up in the water.

Its ok to run it in a system like a fish store would have because it will take out polutants that get in the water and the water gets changed so often that trace elements get replenished all the time.

I barely ever run carbon and when I do it is during the few days before a water change.
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