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Queen Angels and reef tanks

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Hey I really would love to get a Queen Angel but have read everywhere that they eat the coral and aren't a good fit. Has anyone had success with one in a reef tank? People post if you have had good or bad luck with it. I would love to see what the success rate is.

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Angels are always a gamble on nipping corals, some couldn't care less about them and some will thrash everything. It's a big fish so I'd say if you have a big tank and you keep all of your fish well fed you might have a good chance, but then again it might kill a lot of your corals just because.
Ok this is my opinion.. I'm an angel lover :). I have a few in my reef tank.. But in all honesty if you are not feeding 3-4 times a day you WILL end up with issues of them picking at your corals. Some of them will pick regardless of how much you feed.. All fish are a hit and miss. I have a matted pair of harlequin file fish with no issues at nipping for over a year but my majestic angle will eat my lps acans.. Go figure. Needless to say I no longer have acans. My gold flakes don't nip but my bellus will from time to time on the Millie's.. It's your chance to take as long as your aware that they may or may not work.. Good luck and I truly hope it works out well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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