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If it is ich I would tend to side with Geoff. You need to remove the stress from the tank. Try to keep your hands out of the tank as much as possible and make sure all the fish are on the correct diet. A QT tank is always good to have running, but to try and solve ich problems with it I feel you are just going to bend over backwards for the inevitable. Unless the stress is reduced the ich will continue to come back.

I recently quarantined all my fish for marine velvet. 9 weeks in the QT. No fish in DT for 9 weeks. I ran a UV and did 4 50% water changes during the 9 weeks. The QT was treated with cooper, but shortly after the fish were reintroduced to the DT I had a quick bout with ich. The fish were stressed from the change. I reduced my light schedule 30% for a week and made sure each fish was getting the correct diet. Ich gone.
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