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I am looking for a good external pump for my closed loop system. I have 75/g tank. The supply line to the pump is a 1" and the two return lines are 3/4" I have two quiet one pumps running the reef rotors now and I am going to put one pump on a actuated three way valve. I know people don't like the reef rotors but I have been running this set up for over 4 years now and I love them. Just need some cleaning every now and then.
So I have a 1" line to the pump then one 3/4" line to a three way valve splitting to two 3/4" lines that go up about 6" then drop to 1/2 line in the tank there is a T in the tank that I have 12" of lineloc spray bars behind the rock work then it goes up 6" to the reef rotors. This is the same for both sides of the tank.
The reef rotors call for at least 400/gper hour. The quiet one I am running right now is just a little to small for the reef rotors.
Any one have a good pump in mind witch will work for me?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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