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pulsing xenia

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Have 2 xenia that need new homes. They have taken off like mad. Anyone in the group need these, or should I offer them elsewhere?
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I think you will find that almost anybody local has plenty of Xenia. I hope you find them a good home. :)
Figured as much, but thought I'd offer it anyways. Have more than I know what to do with. No worse for the asking. There is always hope for someone who is in need of the notorious MN weed.
You could always do the wedding veil trick to attach it to some rock rubble and propogate it. Then try to pawn it off on Greg at Fish N Pets. Talk to your local club members and see if they have gotten any further with dealing with Greg on Xenia.
Took 3 that I had to FnP and got $5 a piece. Nate was a little dismayed because he already had some coming in, and didn't know mine was coming that day. I had only told him a guess on a time frame, and he had committed to someone else. So- my fault on not getting more specific about dates, but may be the going rate for the stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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