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Puffer with ICK???

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Hi I got a new puffer fish on Sat and noticed when I got home from work today that he has white spots on his fins. Looks kinda like mold starting on bread???? My LFS told me that I should raise my saltinity that he is having reactions to my water... My saltinity is at about 1.020 to 1.022???? everything else test out normal I have a temp of about 80-82??? I have read in the past to soak the food in garlic... But that comes to another point that the fish store said that seems kinda funny... He told me not to be startled if he doesnt eat in the first 5 days... Is that true? What would be a good food to get his appetite going? I have tried Brine shrimp, Brine shrimp plus, Formula One and Prime Reef (combo of Krill, Squid, Mussel, Clam, Lobster, Fish Roe, Scallop, and Green Algae)
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how big is the puffer? he may only eat live food, and you will have to wein him. Do you know how long the store had him and if they were able to get him to eat? If so, what did they feed him?

As for is white spots on the fins, I use to toss in a cleaner wrasse. They don't live long in captativity (is that too many letters LOL), but they do a bang up job on cleaning the fish.
The puffer fish is only about 4" from nose to tail.... just a youngin.... the fish store had him for less than 24 hrs so they never got a chance to see if he was eating or not.... he was delievered Fri night and I bought him sat early afternoon... if he was to eat live food what live food would that be?
so the store didn't get him to eat either. Ok, you have had him for 4 days, store for 1, that's a total of 5 days...YEAH I can add, Oh, sorry

weining them is not easy, but for now, I would go down and get some small feeder gold fish. Just put one in the tank and see if he goes for it. The goldfish won't live long in saltwater, but if the puffer goes for it, you know he's hungry. and will probably swollow it hole.

I wish I could give you advice on weining them, but I can't. I'm sure someone here can help
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