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Afternoon all,
AM sitdown grub place visit , the pain doc appt. , with a stop at Costco since I was “up north” , along with a day before it expired DMV stop license renewal took up the morning .
All went well except for the driver’s license thing,, since I HAVE to get a Real ID license 🙄, I had to bring birth cert./ Social Security card-proof/ and 2 bills with my name and address on them to verify I am me . Thing is, my birth certificate name is “Geoffrey” and really did not know that until mom handed it to me back in ‘78 to take to the steel mill when I got hired there. Of course they paid me as “Jeff” for 37 years.. and when I retired my pension checks came as “Geoffrey “.Pension office said they use what the birth cert said when I hired in… never was a problem , until today. Next. I have to do the dance with S. S. about getting my name changed to “Geoffrey “ , sigh. They renewed my license as “Jeff” , but I still need to get it changed to “Geoffrey “ before the next 500 or so days left before the Real ID thing comes into effect.

Still rainy n dreary here, having the gutters cleared the other day just leaves me with a “bring it on”attitude, plenty of stuff to do that is not outdoors.

On to the day.
Hope everyone is having a great one!
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