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ok guys i am selling my PSP with original box and all. This has been adult owned and well taken care of. It comes with all original manuals and boxes. it will also come with six games

1.Tony Hawks Underground 2 remix (skateboarding game)
2.Need for speed underground Rivals (Racing game)
3.Midnight Club DUB Edition (Racing Game)
4.Ridge Racer (Racing and Drifting Game)
5.Street Fighter 3 Alpha MAX (Fighting VS game)
6.Spider Man (Full Movie of Spiderman)

Ok the PSP comes with the screen Protector and a hand strap with charger. The battery life for the PSP is 6 Hrs long and it charges a full charge in just under 2 Hrs. The PSP has many uses it is a Web Browser,Movie Player,Picture Viewer,MP3 Player, TV if you get the optional hardware. This has been adult owned the whole time. It has no problems what so ever. I am just trying to sell it so i can fully stock my nano cube. Its great for long trips i used it on the airplane on my trips to asia it really kills time. :) i will be listing this on EBAY but i will give it a try here first for a week before. PM me if you are interested Make me an offer i dont know how much to start it off at. the games go for 49.99 a piece and movies go for 25.00 give me and offer. Also i am willing to ship
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