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propper flow??????

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i always hear that for proper flowin the tank you want to turn the water 10 times. now is that ph and sump pump or just ph? this is to get good circulation within my tank.

i have a 45 gallon tank with a 25 gallon sump,

return pump is a rio 2500
powerheads are two maxiet mp 900's

well what do you think????

thanks everyone
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the 10x ratio is figured in return pump AND powerheads.

with those ph's and return, you've got 1208 gph. (the mj9's are rated at 230gph, the rio is rated at 748 with 0 head)figure a loss of about 200 gph for the head on the reutrn, and it brings you down to about 1000gph.

at the 10x rule, you would want around 700gph so i'd say you are well withing acceptable flow!

even if the rio has more head loss , i dont think it has THAT much more loss.

you should be just fine... imo
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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