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Well I finally got off my butt and went to Home Depot. As I said in previous posts...I am not much of a DIY'er but I got the plumbing for my overflow and return. I have to work two doubles in a row at work so I probably won't finish until Saturday/Sunday. Now for the kind of sand should I get? The only sand Home Depot had was "quickcrete play sand"

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noooooo dont get quickcrete!

a non silica based sand would be best. try doing some searches for southdown in your area.

if not, the purearagonite is a great deal and great prices. shipping is a kick in the butt, but you're gonna have that no matter what you order from online.

plus, puraragonite is a trt sponsor!

they are also extremely friendly. i spent close to an hour on the phone with them :)
be very carefull when you use this type of sand for your substrate. this stuff will need to be rinsed throughly because of the method used to collect it. its mostly collected the same way as southdown sand. i got this from another post:

"Southdown Manufacturer Warning - Here is what the representative from Southdown made a point to say that he has been hearing that people have been adding there sand in salt water aquarium and that we should be informed to how the sand is collected and transported and stored. Southdown will scoop the sand with machinery and dump tons and tons in dump trucks then transport and dump the sand in large outside storage bins. Warning!!!!!! As we all know how fine this sand is he told me that as they dump the sand in the bins they will spray a liquid oily lubricant on the sand to keep the dust (sand) from flying which can be very hazardous if the sand is not washed prior to adding any animal life. Another reason to wash your sand thoroughly is Southdown is not only a sand manufacture they also manufacture different typed of gravel and rocks like slate, marble, lava rock, etc. The rock is stored in the same bins as the Southdown sand which means that other rubble is packaged with Southdown sand. ".

so make sure the sand is rinsed clean before putting it in your tank!
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If you use puraragonite, you don't wash it, the silt needs to be skimmed out, this stuff is also used to buffer your tank and you will be glad for that if you plan on having corals.

Southdown yep be through rinse very well just in case.
Thanks guys!

I didn't buy that stuff. I am not a reef genuius but I know it's not good practice to put stuff in your tank that's used for the weight in the rear of my Mustang during the winter. (Quickcrete) lol. I am going to look into the "puraragonite"

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